EkCAST improves the guests’ multimedia experience in their hotel rooms, allowing them to enjoy both their own multimedia content and their streaming providers on the TV screen.   

Users will feel at home as they enjoy watching the main streaming platforms on the television, both on video (YouTube®, Netflix®, HBO®, PrimeVideo®, Disney®+, Rakuten®…) and in audio (Spotify®, Google Play Music®, Vevo®, TuneIn®…)(1)

And all of this is confidential and secure for the user thanks to the management tools on the EkCast server, which were completely developed by the EK’s R+D. 

EkCast can be implemented in any hotel, regardless of the number of rooms.  All that is necessary is an available WiFi network and any type of television in the rooms. 

The EkCast system requires a one-time only payment from the hotel. There are no recurring fees or annual royalty payments. EkCast is an excellent investment in CAPEX, which means an improvement in the services offered and in customer satisfaction.  EkCast provides all of this without any increase in the operating costs.